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The Art Shop Children's Colouring Kit

A canvas roll packed with colouring materials.

The roll shows a child how to keep all their drawing tools safe and ordered. Contains a selection of 15 brilliantly coloured, ergonomic Stabilo Trio Thick Triangular Coloured pencils. This thick pencil is particularly suited to younger children. Also contains 12 amazingly bright coloured Stabilo Power Fibre-Tip Pens, an EASYgraph Pencil and an Ergonomic EASY sharpener for both EASYcolor and EASYgraph pencils (both can be chosen for a left or right handed child). We have added a Lyra Solid Graphite Crayon.

The Stabilo Power Fibre-Tip Pen is a pen for all children who sometimes forget to replace the cap. With great covering capacity and washable ink (which washes out easily should any get on clothes), the pen combines a ventilated cap, a push resistant tip and can go five weeks without its cap before drying out.

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Colouring in by Araminta, age 4.