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Michael Harding Artist's Oil Tube

Michael Harding started making oil colours in 1982 and after many aborted attempts, intensive research and experiments he hit on the right consistency. He had always been inspired by Rembrandt’s paintings in the National Gallery. Almost immediately he started supplying the Royal College of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum. He still makes his own paint, still excited by the process, colours and the materials.


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Artists using Michael Harding's paint include Howard Hodgkin, "...this is incredible paint... the most beautiful Vermillion you can find." When given sap green he remarked, "Fantastic-it’s the same shade green as the menus they had in Paris in the 1940s..." Clearly colours are about moments and memories for him. David Hockney describes the paint as, "...the first quality oil paint - excellent" while Chris Ofili states, “Michael Harding’s oils are beautifully honest paints – for the beautifully honest act of painting".

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