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'Completely Lost For Words II' Wrapping Paper by Caius Shaw

‘Find many words and phrases hidden amongst the letters. Highlight your message, colour in a word, join up letters with a wriggly line, or let them guess. Most greetings are in the wrapping but the letters are not always right next to each other. Search for Happy Birthday, Congratulations, I Love You, Sorry, Merry Christmas and many more including some French and Welsh. Good Luck!’ Caius’ artwork is both evocative and illusionary.

His drawing tools and processes include wire, etched glass, cut out paper and print. He allows the viewer a moment of contemplation. In his wrapping ’Completely Lost for Words’, the challenge is to find your own message or a name. His work is all about ideas... ’Idea medicine for people’. Caius trained in furniture design at the Royal College of Art with emphasis on lighting, following a degree course at Loughborough College of Art and Design. He now works freelance, designing and working to commission.

*Please note, there is a minimum order of 5 sheets of any paper under the value of £5 per sheet. gifts/presents

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