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Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil Set

Available in tins of 6 or 12 assorted degrees, the Staedtler Lumograph is a premium-quality pencil for writing, drawing and sketching on paper and matt drafting film. A wide range of degrees makes Lumograph the ideal tool for artists and graphic designers. Especially break-resistant thanks to the super-bonded lead while easy to erase, Lumograph pencils reproduce well, and sharpen using any quality sharpener. The tin of 6 pencils contain the sketching degrees; 8B, 7B, 6B, 4B, 2B and HB while the tin of 12 pencils has an extensive range; 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, and 2H.

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