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Sennelier Artist's Quality Oil Pastel Landscape Set of 24

The Sennelier Landscape Set is available in a collection of 24 carefully selected Oil Pastels, each possesing extraordinarily high pigment content and offering great brightness. In 1949 Parisian Painter Henri Goetz approached Henri Sennelier the famous artist materials manufacturer about creating a wax colour stick for his friend, Pablo Picasso. Picasso, a longtime Sennelier customer and a frequent visitor to their store across the street from the Louvre Museum was looking for a medium that could be used freely on a variety of surfaces without fading or cracking. Their collaboration produced the incomparable Sennelier Oil Pastels.

Sennelier Oil Pastels have a creamy texture and are mixed with inert pigments and a neutral pH wax. Unlike oil sticks, oil pastels do not ever completely dry and remain heat sensitive. It is therefore recommended that oil pastel works are sealed with oil pastel fixative.

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