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Golden Fabric Painting Medium (GAC-900)

Golden Fabric Painting Medium (GAC-900) allows acrylic paint to adhere to any non-oily fabric surface while preventing cracking. Non-absorbent surfaces should be abraded for increased adhesion. Fabric Painting Medium contains a special polymer additive decreasing the hardness of the paint when dry, leaving a comfortable and breathable feel to the fabric.

To maximise the amount of colour that 'sets' into the fabric it is recommended to use a paint-to-medium ratio of 1:1. Over larger areas the medium should be applied using short strokes to further minimise stiffness and cracking. Golden Fabric Painting Medium can be heat-set and paint should be allowed to dry for at least 4 days if washing is required.

Available in 236ml, 473ml, 946ml and 3.78L containers.

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