The Art Shop Ultimate Drawing Roll

We have put together the ultimate drawing kit for you. There are so many drawing materials to choose from we have selected everything you will need, with different grades of pencils to suit every style. ‘H’ for hardness used for fine detail, ‘B’ for blackness for texture and tonal range. The blacker the pencil, the softer the lead.

This sketching kit contains Conté charcoal pencils for intense blacks, which blend perfectly with Conté Sanguine, Sepia and White pencils; Conté Pierre Noire for a dense, rich and matt black; Conté smooth graphite pencils for detailed and accurate work; Conté carbons, derived from charcoal but stronger allowing for more defined lines. Also included are solid graphite pencils and a brass Möbius & Rupert Double Sharpener.

All our ranges of pencils and the canvas roll can be bought individually, so if you prefer, make up your own personal drawing kit.

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Derwent Pencil Roll

3 Conte Graphite Lead   2B/ 4B/ 6B

5 Conte Pierre Noir  H/ HB/ B/ 2B/ 3B

3 Conte Charcoal   HB/ B/ 2B

9 Conte Graphite  2H/ H/ HB/ B/ 2B/ 3B/ 4B/ 5B/ 6B

5 Conte Carbon  H/ HB/ B/ 2B/ 3B 

1 Conte White/ 1 Conte Sepia

3 Conte Sanguine/ Sanguine Medicis/ Sanguine 18th century

Mobius & Rupert Wedge Double Sharpener

2 Lyra Graphite  watersoluable 6B/ plain 2B